In Bangalore, most of the people are very busy with their work but some people are very free to work and getting more fun and entertainment with their family and they are having a part time work to do in evening time or early morning with busy for some four to five hours. After that they are very free to spend the time to their family. I saw some people like this in Bangalore they are doing some evening fastfood hotel business for only five hours in every evening like 6.00 pm to 11.00pm. They are enjoying the life but they do some pre-work to prepare the prior arrangement for their hotel after 3.00 pm.

Bangalore is the nice city to get more friends like a optimistic and some of the friends specimistic to take a decision with a big question mark. But most of the people are making good friendship in bangalore. We are having four or five friends between the tight rope with us because everyday we are enjoying with all of our friends. We need not worried about family because our family background is much better so we got money everyday from home and try to spend the time and spend the money. Most of the time we are sharing the expenditure and sometimes any one take care of it.

We are searching girls in park, bus stop, in the roads but we will not disturb them anyway. We just look them and enjoyable days with the bangalore girls through sight. But we did not make any date planning and we could not do anything morethan that because the fearness. One time we discussed about money at the time of shortage for our expenditure. Why we can make money through proper way for our expenditure. That time one of friends told me a fantastic idea to work with online.

But we dont know the exact ideas about online business. My friends told us to meet one of his friends elder brother doing some online business and he is earning some of amount everymonth. So we are planning to meet hime next day. Then the next day we are going to the friends house and waiting for the elder of the my friends's friend. Then he will come after five minutes and he explained about Google Adsense, Ad publishing ideas and Basic things, Bidvertiser, ADbrite, Ad Mob and How to Increase the Adsense Income? and more and more Ideas like boom.

We are not expecting like this explanation from hime. He is a fantastic man told everything about online business and how to make money? How to make a website? How to choose our nichie marketing? How to plan for the traffic? Some thing about Google Adwords. We are silently watching this and getting more excitement with his explanation. ho this is the fantastic ideas looking for us and getting more ideas from him. And for one week he is taking like a class for us and getting more news about online business in out part time.

Then we are discussing one day about thelast week training and we planned to work in online business in our part time. So, We all are planning to make a website and promote it to get more money. So, Now we are planing to a website and it will be created by the right people. So, Still we are waiting for a good result. So I will discuss more about my websites in future here.

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