In Bangalore, most of the people are very busy with their work but some people are very free to work and getting more fun and entertainment with their family and they are having a part time work to do in evening time or early morning with busy for some four to five hours. After that they are very free to spend the time to their family. I saw some people like this in Bangalore they are doing some evening fastfood hotel business for only five hours in every evening like 6.00 pm to 11.00pm. They are enjoying the life but they do some pre-work to prepare the prior arrangement for their hotel after 3.00 pm.

Bangalore is the nice city to get more friends like a optimistic and some of the friends specimistic to take a decision with a big question mark. But most of the people are making good friendship in bangalore. We are having four or five friends between the tight rope with us because everyday we are enjoying with all of our friends. We need not worried about family because our family background is much better so we got money everyday from home and try to spend the time and spend the money. Most of the time we are sharing the expenditure and sometimes any one take care of it.

We are searching girls in park, bus stop, in the roads but we will not disturb them anyway. We just look them and enjoyable days with the bangalore girls through sight. But we did not make any date planning and we could not do anything morethan that because the fearness. One time we discussed about money at the time of shortage for our expenditure. Why we can make money through proper way for our expenditure. That time one of friends told me a fantastic idea to work with online.

But we dont know the exact ideas about online business. My friends told us to meet one of his friends elder brother doing some online business and he is earning some of amount everymonth. So we are planning to meet hime next day. Then the next day we are going to the friends house and waiting for the elder of the my friends's friend. Then he will come after five minutes and he explained about Google Adsense, Ad publishing ideas and Basic things, Bidvertiser, ADbrite, Ad Mob and How to Increase the Adsense Income? and more and more Ideas like boom.

We are not expecting like this explanation from hime. He is a fantastic man told everything about online business and how to make money? How to make a website? How to choose our nichie marketing? How to plan for the traffic? Some thing about Google Adwords. We are silently watching this and getting more excitement with his explanation. ho this is the fantastic ideas looking for us and getting more ideas from him. And for one week he is taking like a class for us and getting more news about online business in out part time.

Then we are discussing one day about thelast week training and we planned to work in online business in our part time. So, We all are planning to make a website and promote it to get more money. So, Now we are planing to a website and it will be created by the right people. So, Still we are waiting for a good result. So I will discuss more about my websites in future here.

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The need of the hour, is now a days one man’s food is another man poison. This is the trend of the modern era where one way of income, is not affordable to entire family. May be it is a smaller one, or a larger one. It is because the whole family has to be the bread winner. When you keep your index finger crossed, you find it is not possible to get everyone the job the desire in their life with relevant to their academic standards. But it is possible when you take up leisure job, you feel the value of the money. The parents spent money on education, but it is not affordable to modern era. Where the standard of living has gone high, by leap and bounds. One has to keep stretching his legs and muscles to find the job but when in reality this leisure jobs are available at their will. And it is an extra source of income to enhance the family status and to create a sophisticated way of living. It is mainly due to the soaring prices of day to day commodities. One has to add, up extra amount of money. And it is only achieved if you put many members of your family to the work potential required for the hour.

Take in case of budding youngsters who take of their time of at late night, indulging themselves at the information technology centers like BPO, KPO, Call Centre. Which fetch them more money than a normal individual who goes to office regularly at the even hours in the day. And moreover, this youngster feels enthusiastic and liberally to get and income to their respective families. And also this keeps some grooming youngsters to show their real talent which has been hidden in them. And to expose their skills to this world, and it minimize this particular society, free from cruel elements of life in the form of friends. Some they want to keep their life in challenging right from the word go to have a bright career and this is the right path to get into the stride at the right time. And in a way they are supporting their own parents in monitory accessing and helping in their own way to get themselves to higher education with the money, they earn, and choose the level of study to attain the zenith at their youth age. And also it help and minimize the risk of shouldering the burden of their parents. By the little money they earn the parents get more relieved and they think their generation or not dependable any more and in a way this youngsters, think that whatever time they get in their earlier part of life is more precious.

Which would not be got back after attaining an age, where this same velocity and strength would be absent. The time factor has been considered, which would put their track record on the highest level in their future life and some they think, that a little time of chit chatting with their dear friends may end up with spoiling their future carrier. Which would add up not only in destruction, and also would end up in vengeance. But when you put up your efforts in odd hour work you are benefited dually. First economically and secondly you are attaining a status. Which enhances the income sources of the family to meet their needs at the basic level.

Briefing up leisure time there are many ways of employment in this aspect one can work for a certain period of time in a day, or one can work for so many hours in a week or one can work so many in a month. It is all left to their capacity, and their nature of ability to perform the work periodically on regular basis on hourly pay or weekly pay or fortnightly pay or money pay. And he can be made available say in a day, he works from one pm to 9 pm. The following day it is not necessary, to come and work on the same time. It is up to their relevant individual to take up the job for the consecutive days. May be he comes earlier to work or he falls late but he piles up the work may be till the odd hour at the night. Some people, who get retired at an early age or after the time retirement. They don’t get the job they were looking before. It is because the world they are living is very much enterprising and challenging. But this so called leisure jobs they can get their work at their desire, but they cannot get the same amount of remuneration. But they may be happy in a way that their service is satisfactory to the junior subordinates who work along with them. It is because the good number of veterans, who were working may be in government or in private at the highest level of service would have their experience to rapport this junior officers working in a private concern.

They may not have come across some interesting level of drafting letters and documentations which were done by this retired persons when they were in their distinguished carrier. The language and the phrases and idioms and vocabulary used by this veterans during their illustrious carrier. Which would be an extra gain for the management to sort out difficulties at the time of bothering. Which this modern era lacks and this veterans they are not no more dependable on any other individual for their livingly hood for their rest of the life remaining on this earth, till their end.

And it is prolific that this individuals, are not thrown to the darker room of depression, after their yeoman service rendered by them. They feel in a way they are lucky and they keep their hopes alive that they are also able to support to their respective families on a small account. And for old people to work at ripe age it was not possible, some decades ago owing to the economy of the country. But as of now the country is at the highest level of monetary benefit after attaining the freedom, from the british people.

For those who where in their old age, it is not difficult to combat for those who see themselves in engaging to their desire job after getting full retirement from service and this level of income puts them to meet their expenditure and essential needs to fulfill of their own. And they feel in a way that they are still dignified, after their retirement and they feel the still have the energy to do the work as before. And also they feel they are and important individual to a concerned level of job and they feel more proud in a way, and in some cases the youth also get a nod from the near by old people who advice the youth to take the job at leisure time like delivering papers, books, magazines to homes and some to vendor milk at near by home. Some of this youngsters can be engaged themselves in local magazines for collecting advertisement and picking up the couriers at the leisure period that is available on their day to day life. Which would enable and enhance his own income to be independent and realistic in modern life.

And This is era of modern woman, where they like themselves to be engaged in some sort of work level which is known to their potential, especially some wives they take up tuition by conducting a coaching classes, to provide studies to the students who are weak student, and some ladies the take up the profession of getting involved, in multilevel marketing (MLM) and Some they make good some amount of money which an ordinary man cannot make through his entire life.

Some of the woman’s in India are more privileged, when they get their income as their desire. It is whole and truly, because of the dedication they show to their work level to acquire their ambition in life. And also the amount of money would make them to add up an income at extra level. This provides the nourishment, to the entire family members to make themselves to support and share her work at their will.

It is only in olden days that to in the west the young and the woman were taking up jobs some decades. Before, but it is really achievable in India by the young youths and they woman to work at their will to make money on large scales. May be it is too late, but it has happened at last due to some drastic change in the whole environment condition of the nation, and it is dually and mainly because of the challenging level of education stream that has made a remarkable revolution, in making the idols of this quality people they were not looking before. And of late they feel sorry for it for not having interacted this society long before, which is mainly due to lack of awareness and ignorance.

It is found that the local advertisement, and local people, and local magazine, where they come across to get to know this type of work allocation is available for this people of various walks of life. And it is mainly due to the media which publish this type of recruitments, which a particular firm or a particular organization needs at a particular qualified people for a low level of salary. Which is not possible before, but it is now available and gettable to suit their life style accordingly to the income they get out of the monthly savings which enables them to provide, a moral boost to buy a small piece of land or a small house hold articles, and the leisure job is of several levels mainly many take up to the profession of doing jobs in part time at a good rate of satisfaction.

It is also came to know that in the west, the youth where ask to work before some decades. Which was only imaginable and dreamable in a third world country like India. Which is possible of late, where you find a boy who is hardly eighteen goes to work, and gets a salary which was un imaginable, to a state government staff a decade ago. The amount income is relatively, comparatively high in all ways. Which this youngster uses the money in a specified way in order to lift his head high above the sky before this challenging world.

Mainly, it is available in working areas of interest like freelancer writing, collecting advertisement for big concerns and promoting work level in result oriented products which is also known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) where the work is very much challenging, enthusiastic and also gets tied up with people on all walks of life which this community could not have dreamt before which of now is proved realistic and many the choose to work this type of work which provides full satisfaction and content to their social status which makes them more valuable among others when comparing in olden days. Which was not attainable now an old man can be a member in an multi level marketing which fetch money in millions may be in the past which was not imaginable and attainable. Now time and tides has change their waves level. Interestingly, one would not get a car after retirement or a wife or a youth can not get a car in the olden version of life. Now it is and easy boon to this group of people to have their life at luxury by taking up such level of part time jobs which put them in real vanity, to the adjoining neibours.